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Dystinct 2021 Coffee Table Book

Artfully curated portfolio of the strengths of individuals with learning difficulties!
Dyslexia | Dyspraxia (DCD) | Dysgraphia | Dyscalculia
Informative and compelling, The Dystinct 2021 Coffee Table Book is a visual delight sure to inspire and uplift readers.
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Buy a Dystinct 2021 book and we’ll donate 20% of the proceeds from each purchase to your favourite Not For Profit (NFP) organisation (from the list of NFPs registered with us) — No Fees & No Extra Cost.

Our Initiatives

Decodable Orthographic Mapping Resources

These digital books available on Google Play and Apple App stores help students who struggle with spelling confusing long vowel spelling patterns.
The books in this series aim to facilitate learning spellings through association of focus words to a fun storyline.

Dystinct Magazine

Our bi-monthly digital magazine available on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.
Issue 9: May 2022
Issue 8: March 2022
Issue 7: January 2022
Issue 6: November 2021
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Our Partners

Some amazing Not-For-Profits who have partnered with us
Purchase the Dystinct Book and 20% of the proceeds will go to a Not-For-Profit of your choice.

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