The Reading Center / Dyslexia Institute of Minnesota

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For the past 70 years The Reading Center (TRC) has fulfilled its mission to serve the educational needs of those with dyslexia. TRC helps struggling readers reach their full potential by using the Orton-Gillingham (O-G) teaching approach. O-G is a structured, sequential, multi-sensory, and phonetic approach that follows the science of reading to help students become proficient readers. TRC’s major services to the community include: 1:1 OG Tutoring, Educational Testing & Screening, Small group classes, O-G Teacher Trainings, & Literacy Advocacy.

Reading Center tutors have used the science of reading to teach over 14,000 students in-person and online directly. We have also trained more than 6,300 educators. When the educators we train go back to their communities, our impact multiplies. In 2020 alone, these educators worked with nearly 15,000 dyslexic students across our state and nation through our virtual Dyslexia 101 course.

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