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The Australian Dyslexia Foundation’s mission is to enable people of all ages to attain fundamental literacy and numeracy so they can participate confidently in society. Many Australians drop out of school, become stressed, anxious, depressed or even suicidal because their education was not geared to their learning needs. In short, they feel they are failures, while specific learning disorders occur in people from all levels of intelligence.  Those with specific learning disorders, including dyslexia are rarely able to get funding and targeted remediation through health, disability or educational sources.

Support Australian Dyslexia Foundation by buying the Dystinct Book
20% of proceeds from your purchases goes directly to Australian Dyslexia Foundation
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Support Australian Dyslexia Foundation

Buy the Dystinct Book Now
20% of proceeds from your purchases goes directly to Australian Dyslexia Foundation
Imagine flicking through a beautiful compilation of inspirational stories of coping with the struggles and hardships that learning difficulties bring. 
Now imagine doing so with the satisfaction of contributing to spreading awareness for learning difficulties.
Feels nice, doesn't it?
We at Dystinct, in partnership with Not-for-Profits working in the space of learning difficulties worldwide, present to you our limited edition coffee table book - Dystinct II.
This beautiful compilation is a labor of love, featuring the incredible journeys of everyday people with learning difficulties, evidence based content contributed by specialists from around the world and colourful illustrations created by children with learning difficulties.
The cover of Dystinct II is turquoise to commemorate Dystinct becoming a part of The International Council formed by The International Dyslexia Organization this year. The council is working towards a United Nations declaration of Dyslexia Day on October 8, and having the colour turquoise recognised as the colour to uniformly represent dyslexia around the world. The colour turquoise is known to have mostly positive connotations for people with dyslexia, as it promotes creativity, calm, serenity, tranquillity and relaxation according to colour psychology studies.
This is the second edition of our annual coffee table book. 
The book features some of the best content from the July 2021 to May 2022 digital magazine issues.

This is how you can make a difference

A portion of every sale goes directly to a Not-For-Profit Organisation of your choice AT NO EXTRA COST.
That's right! 20% of the proceeds from your purchase will be directed to a Not-for-Profit (NFP) organisation based on the science of reading working in the space of learning difficulties.

Why we need your support right now

Our limited print run of the Dystinct Coffee Table Book will be published in mid August 2021.
Our printer has promised to give us a competitive printing price if we can give them a minimum order of 500 copies.
The preorder of the book is open now so you can help us reach our goal of 500 book orders.

What will the Dystinct Book II look like?

The Dystinct Book II is a 376 page hard bound book featuring the artwork of Louise Ghossain (a 11 year old dyslexic artist from Sydney, Australia) on the cover.
Each book comes with a sleeve and a Dystinct trophy shaped velvet laminated book mark with digital embossing details.
Informative and compelling, the book is designed to be a visual delight, sure to inspire and uplift readers.
The Dystinct Book II will make a fabulous addition to any library, therapy practice or home display.

Support Australian Dyslexia Foundation

Buy the Dystinct Book Now
20% of proceeds from your purchases goes directly to Australian Dyslexia Foundation

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