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Issue 12: November 2022

The November 2022 issue of Dystinct Magazine brings to you:

1) Using Children's Literature as a Low-Stress Way to Study Words - by Fiona Hamilton (Literacy Coach, Trainer, Author, and Founder at http://www.wordtorque.com/)

Fiona Hamilton discusses how educators and parents can get children actively involved in word study through the use of children's literature and provides practical advice on building children's curiosity and knowledge of words to develop their reading and spelling skills.

2) Dystinct Report - by Flynn Eldridge (Journalist at Dystinct.org https://dystinct.org/team/flynn-eldridge/) and Ava Eldridge (Journalist at Dystinct.org https://dystinct.org/team/ava-eldridge/)

Nine and ten-year-old journalists Ava and Flynn Eldridge have a chat with Dave Strudwick, the owner of The Roofing Hut who has a preference for dyslexic employees. They find out how being dyslexic has contributed to Dave's success in business.

3) Dystinct Journey of Jacobo Díaz Polo (Founder & CEO of Activate E-Learning https://activate-learning.com/ )

An interview with Jacobo Díaz Polo, a 15-year-old tech entrepreneur from the UK who is developing a fun and engaging educational app to democratise the intervention process for all students with dyslexia.

4) Dyslexia: From the Inside and Out- by Dr Helen Ross (Co-Vice Chair of the British Dyslexia Association & Chair of the Wiltshire Dyslexia Association, Consultant & Researcher, Expert SEN & Dyslexia Advisor http://helensplace.co.uk/)

Dr Helen Ross, Co-Vice Chair of the British Dyslexia Association & Chair of the Wiltshire Dyslexia Association, talks about the impact of dyslexia in her personal and professional life and how her experiences made her choose her career path and has led her to where she is now.

5) Dystinct Journey of Justine Vilgrain
(Founder of Certified Dyslexic https://www.certifieddyslexic.com/)

The story of how Justine Vilgrain, a successful creative strategist from Paris, France, who had a turbulent childhood due to the lack of support from the school system in France, is now working to make people with learning difficulties feel accepted.

6) Dyslexia Through a Family Systems Lens
- by Dr Brent Moore (Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling & Associate Professor at Indiana Wesleyan University and Owner at https://www.neuralkc.com/)

Dr Brent Moore demonstrates how a dyslexia diagnosis not only impacts the person diagnosed but alters the dynamics of their family system and suggests strategies from the family systems theory to influence the stability or growth of the entire system positively.

7) Where's Katy? - One Mom's Journey from Fear to Freedom - by Susan Beddingfield (Dyslexia Tutor and Author https://www.thehighfivehouse.com/)

Susan Beddingfield talks of her journey from fear to freedom as she learned to embrace her daughter's unique learning style and dyslexia diagnosis.

8) How One Student Changed My Reading Practice
-by Jeremiah Short (Educator, founder at https://thephenomenalstudent.com/)

Educator Jeremiah Short shares his story of how one struggling student led him to the Science of Reading research and helped him change his approach to literacy instruction.

9) Dyspraxia/DCD- by Emma Long (Volunteer Coordinator Dyspraxia Foundation Cambridgeshire Support Group https://www.facebook.com/CambsDyspraxia)

Emma Long, a volunteer coordinator working for the Dyspraxia Foundation, shares her experience of struggling to get help for her daughter and how she now volunteers at the Dyspraxia Foundation, which helps families in the region.

10) Dystinct Journey of Dr Praba Soundararajan
(Dyslexic Social Innovator | Neuroscientist | CEO & Founder https://www.boon-dah.com/)

The story of how Dr Praba Soundararajan took his personal experience of being dyslexic, knowledge as a neuroscientist and love for Tintin to write engaging stories for children to introduce them to STEM and visual literacy, which was vital in making a neuroscientist out of a child labelled as stupid.

11) Dystinct Report- by Flynn Eldridge (Journalist at Dystinct.org https://dystinct.org/team/flynn-eldridge/)

10-year-old journalist Flynn Eldridge and his little brother Blake Eldridge interview Sharon Scurr, the founder of DEB, to find out all about her website, the support group, and her.

12) Structured Literacy Approach-By Sharon Scurr (MSL Educational Specialist & Founder of www.deb.co.nz)

Sharon Scurr explains what constitutes the Structured Literacy approach and how being trained in the approach guarantees better student outcomes rather than following a ready-made program. She also warns about being mindful of companies that use wordplay to pass off ineffective programs as genuine Structured Literacy Programs.

13) Dystinct Journey Henry Bates (Young Ambassador for Dyslexia Canada https://www.dyslexiacanada.org/en/ambassadors)

The story of 12-year-old Henry Bates, a young ambassador for Dyslexia Canada who has a penchant for collecting antiques, creating sketches, and stop motion films.

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