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Dyslexia Victoria Support
Founder - Dyslexia Victoria Support Heidi is a prominent figure in the Specific Learning Difficulties (SLD) (dyslexia) community in Victoria, Australia. She is best known as the founder of Dyslexia Victoria Support, (founded in 2014) a parent support group that has helped thousands of families navigate the challenges of dyslexia and related conditions. Heidi's personal experience as a parent of two children with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties has informed her work and deepened her understanding of the literacy and education challenges that many families face
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As a passionate advocate for social justice and evidence-based literacy instruction, Heidi is committed to ensuring that everyone, including those with dyslexia, have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive. She is a respected voice in the community and meets with the office of the Victorian Minister for Education, and the Victorian Department of Education staff. She serves as the Dystinct Magazine Chief Advisor and sits on the Panel of Experts. Heidi holds the position of Vice President on the Committee of Management at SPELD Victoria.

With a decade of dedicated experience as a parent advocate, Heidi has proven herself as a formidable force in the realm of supporting children with literacy difficulties, particularly dyslexia. Her impactful journey includes spearheading government campaigns, conducting essential training sessions in collaboration with renowned groups and organisations like MSL Club, Sharing Best Practice, Down Syndrome Victoria, and SPELD Victoria and maintaining a consistent media presence where she eloquently voices the concerns of parents and teachers. Heidi's influential contributions have earned her mentions in authoritative books on literacy and parent support, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in advocacy and awareness.

  • SPELD Victoria Committee Member [2020]
  • Founded Dyslexia Victoria Support [2014]
  • Founding Member Code REaD Dyslexia Network [2017]
  • Founding member of National Light it Red Dyslexia Awareness Campaign
  • Established 18 Victorian regional and metro parent dyslexia support groups
  • Conduct and coordinate dyslexia workshops and events for families, teachers, allied health professionals and teachers
  • Meet with State and Federal and Opposition Ministers for Education, Principals and Allied Health Professionals
  • Meet with independent political members
  • A recognised global activist in "What I Need" book by Nessy Reading and Spelling
  • Acknowledge in Lyn Stone's Book "Reading for Life"
  • SPELD Victoria Parent Advisory Group [2015]


Training & Professional Development

  • The Science of Language and Learning – Introduction | La Trobe University – SOLAR Lab 2023
  • The Science of Language and Learning – Intermediate | La Trobe University – SOLAR Lab 2023
  • The Science of Language and Learning – The Secondary School Perspective | La Trobe University – SOLAR Lab 2023
  • Understanding Learning Difficulties | DsF Dyslexia – SPELD Foundation | 2020

Professional Memberships/ Associations

  • Learning Difficulties Australia | Role (member) [Present]
  • SPELD Victoria | Role (Committee of Management) [2020 - Present]
  • International Dyslexia Association | Individual Member [2016 - Present]
  • Learning Difficulties Australia | Individual Member [2017 - Present]
  • Reading League Member
  • Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) [2006]

Awards & Honors

  • Nessy Medal Winners  Parent Support Groups - Regional Groups [2020]
  • Nominated - Women in Yarra Award - Yarra City Council [2019]
  • Winner -Dyslexia Victoria Support - Victorian Premier's Volunteer Champion Award - Teamwork Category [2018]
  • Winner - Dyslexia Victoria Support - Random Actos of Kindness Award [2015]

Professional Experience

Chief Advisor and on Panel of Experts |  Dystinct Magazine, Melbourne [January 2021- Present]

Committee Member |  Sharing Best Practice [2023 - Present]

Vice President |  SPELD Victoria [2020 - Present]

  • Supports the governance and operations of this registered NFP.
  • Works collaboratively to aid the organisation’s mission to assist Victorians with Specific Learning Difficulties to achieve their full learning potential through the provision of direct service delivery, information, advocacy and awareness raising amongst the wider Victorian community.

Founder   Dyslexia Victoria Support [2014 - Present]

  • Founded the parent support group DYSLEXIA VICTORIA SUPPORT and grew to over 5,500 members.
  • Advocate for social justice, evidence-based literacy instruction and intervention for all, including those with dyslexia.


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