Dr. Angela Webb

Child Psychologist
Child Psychologist
london, united-kingdom
psychologist, speaker


Angela is a Child Psychologist who specialises in the needs of children with motor coordination difficulties. She worked for many years on a multi-disciplinary team from Great Ormond Street Hospital, Central London, and lectured part-time at University College London’s Institute of Education.

Based on 15 years early experience as a primary school teacher, her main role involved supporting children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) in mainstream school. Through this, she came to recognize the key role handwriting plays in educational success and her focus turned to those who struggle to write. Her doctoral research examined the relationship between mastery of handwriting and the quality of the written content.

Until recently Angela chaired the National Handwriting Association (NHA) UK, a research-based charity advising and supporting professionals working with children, and she continues to work for them as a consultant. She is also on the advisory board of the Dyspraxia Foundation UK.

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