Rosie Lee Crochet

Beautiful hand crafted crochet baskets and other creations.
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About Rosie Lee Crochet

Rosie-Lee Crochet is all about colour and joy. Each basket is handmade to order to bring a pop colour and can be used as crocheted plant pot planters, crochet storage, or bathroom storage to brighten your home and bring a smile.

I love creating these colourful crochet basket for you and your loved ones. They can be used for so many things - planters, storage for knickknacks and bathroom toiletries or decoration.

They are made from recycled cotton yarn making them a sustainable choice compared to others on the market.

Have a look around and please let me know if you'd like a custom design or size.

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Meet the entrepreneur behind Rosie Lee Crochet

Rosie Lee

After being diagnosed with dyslexia at college and dyspraxia in my late 20s I found a lot of things from my early years made sense. I have always been creative and wanting to push my limits. I have also been impacted by self doubt and building my own business this year has really helped.

I love designing and making these baskets and sharing my joy with others. I also have bigger plans to share more of my designs in the future and continue creating.

Our difference is our strength.

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