Kaiko Fidgets

Sensory solutions for work, home and school.
australia, melbourne, victoria

About Kaiko Fidgets

Kaiko Fidgets is based in Melbourne, Australia and is co-founded by Kai, who is both autistic & dyslexic.

The Kaiko range of discreet and noiseless fidgets is for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus. Kai started making fidgets for himself, at age 11, and soon realised there was very little available.

Kai (now in his teens), with the help of his Occupational Therapist mum Jo, have created designs to suit a wide range of needs.

How to Buy:

Visit Kai's website: kaikofidgets.com

Meet the entrepreneur behind Kaiko Fidgets


Kai, struggles with anxiety and is both on the spectrum and dyslexic.

Kai started making fidgets in 2017 at age 11 as a result of being teased at school for using colourful, kiddie like fidgets. Determined to find something suitable and stylish for himself, he turned to metal! Soon enough, instead of being teased - he got requests for them!

Kai, together with his parents, started going to markets with them and it quickly became evident how big the need was. The rest, as they say, is HISTORY…

Whilst it’s amazing that a business has come out of his own needs the biggest thing for Kai has been IMPROVED self-esteem. This has LITERALLY changed his life.

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