Dyslexic Renegade

Hoodies, shirts and key chains
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About  Dyslexic Renegade

This business came about when I started thinking about what I could do to make dyslexia talked about and even cool. Not every kid speaks up and that’s ok. I do and will continue. I thought back to my favourite hoodie that my mom bought that has Darth Vader on it and said something sarcastic about coming to the dark side and supporting dyslexia. I wore it when I was afraid to speak up and wanted to send a message so I’m making my own hoodies, shirts and other products to help my goal.

I’m donating 10% of proceeds to teen suicide prevention groups (in honour of my bestie Megan), Learning Ally, No More Pain Rescue and Costa Maya Beach Rescue. I can explain why I chose those, just ask me.

I hope people share pictures of what they buy so I can share them too. I’ll be adding more stuff as I learn to create them.

How to Buy:

Visit the Etsy.com store.

Meet the entrepreneur behind  Dyslexic Renegade

Leia Schwartz

I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was 9 after some issues in school. Long story short, I wrote a book called Dyslexic Renegade and it was published. I'm now 15. I feel strongly about how dyslexia is perceived and want to change things! I love that there's a symbol for autism and other causes and wanted a symbol to represent dyslexia and so I came up with a symbol that was rendered by a jeweler friend and then another jeweler friend created the actual piece! The hope is to make this symbol synonymous with dyslexia! Being dyslexic can be hard but if more people were proud and showed it off then it would be so great!

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