Cruz Woodworks & Furnishings

We make cutting boards, charcuterie boards and serving trays.
florida, lakeland, united-states

About Cruz Woodworks & Furnishings

The goal of Cruz Woodworks & Furnishings is to provide Zavier with skills and knowledge that he can take into adulthood as well as to bring awareness to the many abilities that neurodiverse people have to offer. We are a youth co-owned business located in Lakeland, FL. We believe that quality, style, and social responsibility are what sets our products apart from the rest. We only use sustainably harvested domestic and exotic hardwoods that we source through locally owned businesses. Cruz Woodworks & Furnishings was started as a way to teach Zavier using a hands-on, practical approach. Zavier is homeschooled due to his academic struggles with dyslexia in a traditional school setting. However he is very skilled in building, mechanical, and entrepreneurial applications so, after completing a few different building projects and cutting boards for Christmas gifts, he decided that he would like to start a business.

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Meet the entrepreneur behind Cruz Woodworks & Furnishings

Zavier Cruz

Eleven-year-old Zavier Cruz has the most exciting classroom- a shed. His mother, Maelisa Cruz, has found the perfect way to combine her son's love for building things and entrepreneurial spirit to keep him engaged in learning. Zavier has a diagnosis of dyslexia, orthographic processing disorder, and anxiety disorder and his experience at public school has been far from ideal.

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