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Coloured Fish Products is a creative space where I share my designs and products that are dyslexia inspired.
auckland, new-zealand

About Coloured Fish Products

My small business makes T-shirts, bags and other cool products I dream up. I want to empower those that wear my T-shirts or wristbands and carry my bags and I want to increase awareness about Dyslexia.

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Meet the entrepreneur behind Coloured Fish Products

Noah Casey

Every day I swim through a sea of words of which I can read, spell and write few. I am Noah, I am 18, I am a Creator/Artist and I am Dyslexic.
My original Art Installation
I made a school of origami fish. There were 840 fish in the school, which represented a Primary School in Australia. Most of the fish were black and white and were made from pages of old books. Those fish were the kids at school that could read, spell and write. The other fish (10%) were colourful and represented the Dyslexic kids.
Dyslexic kids from around Australia were invited to make these fish for me. On the fish they wrote their first name, their age and something they do really well like art or lego or cooking.
The installation was completed in March 2014 and was on display in the Queensland Museum for all to see for 5 months.
While the installation was on display I received a lot of feedback and in response I created Coloured Fish Product my small business
Thanks Noah

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